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10 Reasons to Switch

1.      Your parents will be delighted with 50+ innovative photo products. You will receive the

         highest quality portraits and the friendliest service

2.     99% on time delivery for portraits since 1988. When it comes to customer service, we do

         what ever it takes to make your parents happy.

3.     We are a Professional Photography Team committed to your portrait day experience &

          timely delivery of portrait packages.

4.     Our professional photographers and photo editing team have a passion for what they do. It

          starts with a caring attitude of every child photographed; from capture to imaging editor,

          our staff graphic artists review each image & photo retouch anything out of place. Our job

          is to reveal the beauty and character of each child photographed.

5.     We have many unique dance props and beautiful backdrops to choose from.

6.     You will appreciate our record keeping because we take pride in re-orders and quick fixing

         any problems that may occur.

7.     Dance, Sports, & Cheerleading: Magazine Covers, 8x10 Photo Calendar, Photo Magnets,

        Photo Game Tickets, Photo Trader Cards, Photo License Plate, 3” Photo Button, etc.

8.    We handle all of the paper work here at Focus on Kids.

9.    We can provide a CD ROM of all your dancer’s pictures for your recital program book.

10.  We have energetic and experienced dance photographers ready to serve you with quality portraits.

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